Every birthing body deserves support

Every birthing body deserves support

My goal is your EMPOWERMENT. As a birth doula, I provide evidence based information to best answer questions as well as physical and emotional support. I am a body nerd. Our bodies are an interconnected system and I am fascinated by all the changes a body goes through to create new life. As a doula I support you through labor positions and hands on techniques. I can also help you know and use your body through my movement work.
The best support I can give is to hold safe space for you and your loved ones and meet each human where they are right now. I help everyone to be present in the moment to best take part in the magic of childbirth. This is YOUR birth. Supporting YOU doing the hard work of birth is an honor and a joy. All humans deserve love and all birthing bodies deserve support.

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My goal is your EMPOWERMENT.

About me

I’ve been pregnant 6 times and birthed 4 humans. Each little human, myself, pregnancy and birth was different. I’ve birthed at hospital and home, with varying attendants and levels of medical intervention. Since the birth of my first child in 2006, I’ve immersed myself in childrearing… studying what it is to be human through the little and big people around me. I’ve led groups for babywearing and taught elimination communication. I supported chestfeeding parents as a La Leche League leader. I’m a movement teacher specializing in core and pelvic floor health and feeling at home in your body. I’ve been birth doula full time since 2021 and also attend births as a home birth assistant.

How can I help you?​

Birth Doula​

All birthing humans deserve support. I’d be honored to walk along side you, with resources, information, physical, mental and emotional support. It’s an honor to be a part of the sacred journey of bringing forth new life.


Work with me to prepare your body for birth! Preconception through birth, we can work together to prepare your body.

Body Ready Birth

Workshops for birthers and their support people who wish to prepare mind and body for birth.


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Not sure which services are right for you, or just want to ask a few questions? I would love to schedule a quick informational zoom or phone call with you!