Birth Doula

I work for you

As a birth doula, I am supporting you, not a provider or institution. I can help you choose or change providers, advocate for what you want, help hold space for your birth to unfold the way you want, take some photos or remember the important details that you want included in your birth.


All packages include unlimited text and phone support.

Prenatal visits can include discussing birth plan, resource finding, basic postpartum planning, small movement questions and communicating with provider support.

Continuous in person labor support goes from when you need me until 2 hours after baby is born. I am also very happy to attend c-sections (especially at UMich, who is doing a pretty good job of supporting surgical births).

Postpartum visits can include lactation support, babywearing assistance, birth processing, resource finding or other things you need.


* 1 Prenatal meeting
* Continuous labor support (starting in active labor)
* 1 Postpartum visit
Suggested fee: $1200-1400


* 2 Prenatal meetings
* Continuous labor support (as early as you need)
* 1 Postpartum visit
Suggested fee: $1500 – 1800

Deluxe plus Movement

* 2 Prenatal meetings
* 1 prenatal movement session
* 1 body balancing session near the end of your pregnancy
* Continuous labor support (as early as you need)
* 2 Postpartum visits
Suggested fee: $2000 – 2500


Offering my services on a sliding scale allows me to do the most good. Please choose your price as a reflection of your privilege and financial circumstance. If you are unsure, consider this image illustrating an idea called The Green Bottle. And also reach out with barter or other mutually beneficial suggestion, I am open to finding a creative solution!

Thanks to Kate York and Doula JuJu for sliding scale wording and ideas.