I am a queer, radical self love advocate – ALL bodies are good bodies!

Initial Assessment

90 minutes
We will do a full body assessment including movement patterns, prior birth experiences (if applicable) and other birth prep work as seems most appropriate to you. You will have a better understanding of how to prepare for birth through everyday movements and approximately 5 take home items to practice.
Sliding scale cost: $100-180

Follow up session

60 minutes
After your initial assessment and working on movements at home, we come together again and assess progress and next steps. Followups are good every 1-3 months, and after baby is here!
Sliding scale cost: $60-100 /hour

Body Balancing Session

90 minutes
Best after 20 weeks gestation. I will customize this to your specific concerns. This session may include positions, touch, stretches, movement, breathing and more to balance soft tissues of the pelvis and surrounding the uterus. Our work together prepares your mind and body for labor. This balancing may help with baby positioning (posterior or breech), body aches (back, hip, pubic bone), heartburn and shortness of breath. It can also be used at term to help alleviate prodromal labor (contractions without labor progress) or when facing an induction to work with baby to encourage labor to begin.
Sliding scale cost: $100-180


Offering my services on a sliding scale allows me to do the most good. Please choose your price as a reflection of your privilege and financial circumstance. If you are unsure, consider this image illustrating an idea called The Green Bottle. And also reach out with barter or other mutually beneficial suggestion, I am open to finding a creative solution!

Thanks to Kate York and Doula JuJu for sliding scale wording and ideas.

My trainings

2023 certified Body Ready Birth® Teacher
2022 certified Body Ready Method® pro
2021 DONA Birth Doula Training – Kate Stroud
2018 certified Restore Your Core® Teacher 
2014 Restorative Exercise Specialist Certification
2011-2015 La Leche League Leader